Our social landscape is saturated with the flow information. Human behavior evolves as a complex interface of collaboration and consumption with this newly defined space. Cell phones, wireless devices, and other portable—yet expanding—media technologies have become portals for momentary transcendence. Behavior then, acknowledges a kind of rush; a desire to experience everything at once.


The ideas and concepts in my work focus on this nuanced behavior. When the human subject attempts to experience multiple points of connectivity—a nonlinear experience ensues. The idea of an experience being rooted in a physical foundation is slowly dissolving; and in its place, is the mediated human experience. It's a space that reminds me of the randomness and chaos of atomic particles moving through space.


My work attempts to bring this nonlinear experience to the surface. Observations focus on the mundane, insignificant, and sometimes minuscule details of everyday life—exposing the rather precarious position of the human subject in our media-saturated world.