I have a passion in life for experiencing the "new"—constantly moving, constantly exploring new ideas and activities that expand my perspective, and collaborating with the things in life that offer maximum mental and physical happiness. The list is growing: international travel, active involvement in the arts, gardening, building sustainable architecture; and finally, choosing a lifestyle that embraces being active and healthy.


Originally from the Southwest, I grew up in the Sonoran desert of Phoenix, Arizona.  My path has taken me from my home state to Detroit, Michigan, and ultimately, to Longmont, Colorado where I live with my wife, Annette, and our two kids—Ronan and Thea. While living in Detroit, I earned an M.F.A. degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Upon completion, I moved to Colorado to teach several courses in studio art printmaking and multimedia design at the University of Colorado and the Front Range Community College system. Today, I find my life adequately balanced between art, family, and the outdoors at the base of the Rocky Mountains.